Gordo's photos from August to November 2004
All photos and text Copyright © 2004 Gordon Richardson gordonr@iafrica.com

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2004 has been a dry year (with water restrictions), but the rains have been torrential at times

Waterfalls in Silvermine Nature Reserve, and Devil's Peak

waterfall on Boyes Drive after heavy rains waterfall in Silvermine Nature Reserve on Ou Kaapse Weg waterfall on Devil's Peak from Tafelberg Road

Flooded Silvermine River and boardwalk, Fish Hoek

flooded Silvermine River above Fish Hoek flooded boardwalk in Silvermine Estuary, Fish Hoek

Flooded soccer field in Wetton, and footpath in Zandvlei

flooded soccer field in Chukker Road, Wetton flooded footpath in Zandvlei Nature Reserve

Capped cumulus and lenticular layers over Helderberg

cumulus convection over Helderberg with capped inversion lenticular cloud layers over Helderberg mountains

Sunset on cirrus and altocumulus at dawn

sunset on cirrus over Constantia Nek altocumulus patterns at dawn

Table Mountain and Devil's Peak from Wynberg Park

Table Mountain and Devil's Peak from Wynberg Park

Fog layers over Kommetjie and Southern Suburbs

fog layer over Kommetjie from Noordhoek mountain Rhodes Estate with fog over Southern Suburbs

Flowers at coast from Boyes Drive and St James, and Silvermine

fynbos and red-tide at Muizenberg from Boyes Drive spring flowers and mountainside above St James everlastings in Silvermine Nature Reserve

Kalk Bay harbour from Trappieskop, with breakwater wave splash

Kalk Bay harbour from Trappieskop Kalk Bay harbour breakwater with wave splash

Pelargoniums and Fish Hoek and Clovelley from Trappieskop

pelargoniums and False Bay from Trappieskop Fish Hoek and Simonstown with pelargoniums from Trappieskop pelargoniums and Clovelley valley towards Peer's Cave

Paragliders over Lion's Head

paragliders over Lion's Head

Geese family and takeoff at Charnwood

geese family at Charnwood geese family takeoff at Charnwood

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