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Most of the photos on this roll were of a conference at the resort of Kwa Maritane near Sun City, in August 1996. A few of the photos may be of general interest.

Snow from airplane - August '96

wide angle snow from plane close up snow from plane
The late winter flight meant I wasn't expecting to see much - suprise! The view is from about 6-8km above above Ceres, at a shallow angle towards the town of Worcester. The snow capped peaks are about 1800m elevation.

Click here to see more ground based snow photos

Lake effect clouds over Vaal dam

lake effect clouds over Vaal dam
The small clouds on the right seem to be caused by evaporation from the dam. The Vaal dam one of the oldest water supplies for the City of Johannesburg.

Zebras at water hole

zebras at water hole
From the hide at the water hole it is possible to see a wide range of animals that come to drink during the dry winter season.

Sable antelope at water hole

sable antelope at water hole
This rare sable antelope was seen at another water hole. The horns are huge, and almost seem to reach back to touch the shoulders.



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