Gordo's photos from England and Scotland (October 1990 - Roll 4)
All photos and text Copyright © 1998 Gordon Richardson gordonr@iafrica.com

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Castle outside York

castle outside York

Pavement art in York centre

pavement art in York centre

Half timbered house in York

half timbered house in York

York Minster exterior

York Minster York Minster exterior

York Minster windows and arches

York Minster windows York Minster nave York Minster side aisle York Minster circular window

River near centre of York

river near centre of York

Scotch Corner Hotel

Scotch Corner Hotel

Many of these photos were taken from a moving vehicle
(the foreground may be slightly blurred)

Trees in field and heather covered hillside

trees in middle of field heather covered hillside with sheep in field pine covered hillside

Autumn trees

sheep in field below autumn trees autumn tree at roadside

North into Scotland

Scotland sign

Sunlit Scots hillside

sunlit Scots hillside

River Tee and trees

river Tee and trees

Fields and farms up hillsides

field up hillside topped with trees hillside farm

Edinburgh street architecture

Edinburgh street architecture

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