Gordo's Lisbon photos - October 1990 Roll 1
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Ancient aqueduct in Lisbon

wide angle of aqueduct in Lisbon close up of aqueduct in Lisbon

Gardens and statues and history in Lisbon

gardens above Lisbon Lisbon statue coach museum

Exterior of Jeronimas Monastery

wide angle of Jeronimas Monastery door of Jeronimas Monastery closeup of Jeronimas Monastery

Interior of Jeronimas Monastery

arches inside Jeronimas Monastery stained glass window in Jernonimas Monastery

Monument to the discoverers

statue of discoverer monument to the discoverers

This site has great symbolism for somebody born in Cape Town. Many of the most important navigational discoveries of the known world were made by a series of Portuguese sailors. My own home town, on the South Western point of Africa, was first spotted around 1497.

Lisbon Bridge

wide angle of Lisbon Bridge closeup of Lisbon Brigde

Views of Lisbon

arch and Lisbon hillside above Lisbon view of Lisbon

Lisbon harbour wide angle view of Lisbon

Alfama streets and shops

Alfama street Alfama shop

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