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Storm force waves at Moullie Point - late Winter '96

storm force waves at Moullie Point
When the North Wester wind howls, stormy weather is coming. This section of coastline has had dozens of shipwrecks over the last 300 years.

Click here to see an elevated view of this area from the Signal Hill viewsite.

Sunrise zoomed in over mountains - Autumn '96

sunrise zoomed in over mountains
The mountain ranges to the East of my flat provide a wide variety of backdrops to a range of views, including some stunning sunrise photos.

The mountain in the picture is Simonsberg (elevation 1200m), which lies 35km away, just behind Stellenbosch (taken with an telephoto lens at the moment of sunrise.)

Rainbow at sunset, with only red and yellow visible - early-June '98

rainbow at sunset
This forms part of a series of rainbows taken just before sunset.

Towering shadows of clouds - September '98

City Hall and towering shadows of clouds
This unusual shadow seemed to be cast by a distant cloud on a layer of clouds, just before sundown. The tower of the old City Hall forms an interesting contrast.

Click here for more cloud photos

Crepuscular ray spectacle at dusk - January '99

crepuscular ray spectacle at dusk
Click here to see more sunbeams

Iridescence on altocumulus clouds - May/Jun '00

iridescence on altocumulus clouds

A type of halo around the sun (hidden by tree)

Camps Bay, from top of Table Mountain - Nov '01

Camps Bay from top of Table Mountain

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