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Cirrus streaks (virga) - Jan '03

cirrus streaks from Kenilworth

Halo in cirrus over trees - Oct '02

halo in cirrus over trees

Cirrus patterns over Table Mountain and Devil's Peak - Nov '01

cirrus rays over Table Mountain and Devil's Peak cirrus ripples over Table Mountain and Devil's Peak

Cirrus streaks above Zandvlei and Muizenberg Mountain - Oct/Nov '00

cirrus streaks above Zandvlei cirrus streaks above Muizenberg Mountain

Cirrus streaks - Aug/Sep '00

cirrus streak over Devil's Peak cirrus streaks

Cirrus above pond on Rondebosch Common - Aug/Sep '00

cirrus and seasonal pond on Rondebosch Common

Cirrus steaks and peak above Lakeside - late Jul '00

cirrus steaks and peak above Lakeside

Cirrus streaks from Cecilia Forest - May/Jun '00

cirrus streaks and view from Cecilia Forest

Cirrocumulus wave patterns - April '00

cirrocumulus wave patterns

Cirrus streaks over Devil's Peak - April '00

cirrus streaks over Devil's Peak

Cirrus patterns over Nursery Buttress from Kirstenbosch - Mar '00

cirrus patterns over Nursery Buttress from Kirstenbosch

Cirrus patterns and streaks over Cape Flats and Constantiaberg - Mar '00

cirrus patterns over Cape Flats cirrus streaks over Constantiaberg

Cirrus patterns with virga - Oct to Dec '99

cirrus streaks over Constantiaberg cirrus streaks with virga

Cirrocumulus ripples and waves - Oct to Dec '99

cirrocumulus waves

Cirrus shadows at dawn- June/July '99

cirrus shadows at dawn

Layer of cirrus and streaks - May/June '99

layer of cirrus and streaks over Table Mountain cirrus pattern over Devil's Peak

Cirrocumulus patterns - March/April '99 (different days)

cirrocumulus patterns cirrocumulus and cirrus from Silvermine

Cirrus with halo - January/February '99

cirrus with halo

Cirrocumulus waves - January/February '99

cirrocumulus waves

Cirrus ripples - January/February '99

cirrus ripples

Cirrocumlus waves over Devil's Peak (with close-up) - January/February '99

cirrocumlus waves over Devil's Peak cirrocumulus waves close-up

Cirrus patterns - December '98

streaky cirrus cirrus crossing over Table Mountain

Cirro cumulus waves - October '98

cirro cumulus waves

Halo and cirrus - October/November '98

halo and cirrus

Cirrus with virga and cirrocumulus waves and patterns - October/November '98

cirrus with virga and cirrus floccus cirrus and cirrocumulus waves and patterns

Cirro cumulus patterns over Devil's Peak - October/November '98

cirrus patterns over Devil's Peak closeup of cirro cumulus patterns

Fluffy Cirrus - September '98

fluffy cirrus

Streaky cirrus - September '98

streaky cirrus streaky cirrus

Cirrocumulus - September '98

cirro cumulus cirro cumulus cirro cumulus

Cirrocumulus waves - September '98

cirrus waves cirrus waves

Ragged cirrus - August '98

ragged cirrus

Cirrus hooks and tangles - August '98

cirrus hooks over Table Mountain and Devil's Peak cirrus hooks and tangles hairy cirrus

Cirrus streaks with alto cumulus - August '98

cirrus streaks with alto cumulus

Cirrus streaks and halo - August '98

cirrus streaks with halo

Cirrus shapes at dawn - early-June '98

cirrus shapes at dawn

Cirrus bands with unusual structure - May '98

cirrus bands with unusual structure

Dusk over harbour with puffy cirrus - May '98

dusk over harbour with cirrus

Cirrus and cirro-stratus - early April 1998

cirrus with virga over Table Mountain patchy cirrus over Table Mountain streaky cirrus over Table Mountain

Cirrus whorls, halo, and cirro-stratus rays over Table Mountain range

cirrus and cirro stratus over Constantiaberg cirro stratus over Table Mountain with faint halo around sun cirro stratus with dark rays over Table Mountain

Cirrus patterns - mid-April '98

wispy cirrus merging into alto-stratus cirrus solid and streaky over Devil's Peak

Cirrus - late-April '98
cirrus over Cecelia Gorge near Kirstenbosch cirrus over Nursery Ravine and Kirstenbosch

Cirrus with virga and patterns
cirrus with virga over Cape Flats and Boland Mountains from Kirstenbosch cirrus over Cape Flats and Hottentots Holland from Kirstenbosch

Cirrus buds and whorls above Table Mountain

cirrus buds and whorls above Table Mountain

Cirrus patterns over Table Mountain and Devil's Peak - March 1998

cirrus pattern over Table Mountain cirrus spectacle over Table Mountain and Devil's Peak

Wispy cirrus mare's tails in blue sky - February '98

wispy cirrus mare's tails in blue sky

Cirrus with unusual shadow

cirrus with unusual shadow

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