Gordo's photos from Autumn 1995
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Views of changing weather (from my lounge window)

Alto Cumulus coluds fog over Northern Suburbs cumulus clouds at sunset

pre dawn light over Northern Suburbs contrails in sky over airport Views like these keep me interested in photography, even after years of living in the same place. Why move, when the scenes change around you every day?

The photo on the right was taken at the time of the rugby world cup in May 1995, when planes were stacked up waiting to land at Cape Town airport.

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View of Table Mountain (from my other lounge window)

Autumn colours in front of Table Mountain

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For background on me and some of my first photos see Autumn 1987


pale sunset over Constantiaberg sunset over Devil's Peak sunset wave cloud sunset on cirrus over Devil's Peak

sunset on mountains with moonrise Sunsets in Cape Town are spectacular because of the clear air, and the prevalent frontal systems that bring cirrus clouds, as well as local backdrops like Devil's Peak. Most sunsets display a wide range of colours over 10 to 15 mins. I usually only take one photo.

Sunsets can also be seen in many other ways. This photo is of the sun setting on distant mountains, with the full moon rising.

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misty sunrise misty morning I have another set of views (OK, one more :)
East from my kitchen window is the large flat area of Kenilworth Racecourse that allows views to the horizon.

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Cycle Tour in front of Table Mountain

cycle tour in front of Table Mountain This section of the route is called Paradise Road. If you look at the view, you can see why. My grandparents lived here many years ago, before this become a four lane highway. Now thousands of commuters see this view every day.

cycle tour This is a great place to watch the cycle tour, as cyclists slow down here for the start of one of the many uphill sections. There is still 95km to go from this point.

Penny Farthing unicycle
penny farthing unicycle
The cycle tour is an excuse for all sorts of eccentrics to bring out their most outlandish equipment. I do not know if this competitor completed the 105km route.

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Constantiaberg and Chapman's Peak from Hout Bay

Constantiaberg from Hout Bay Noordhoek Peak from Hout Bay Chapman's Peak from Hout Bay Hout Bay towards Kommetjie

My Aunt Edith has a flat with wonderful views of Hout Bay.
These photos were taken after the tour, but indicate the route followed.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

succulents garden in Kirstenbosch Kirstenbosch Gardens

Only 5km away from my home are some of the most interesting plants in the world.

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bee on flowers in Kirstenbosch haze over Northern Suburbs from Kirstenbosch

Table Mountain from Ou Kaapse Weg

Table Mountain from Southern Suburbs
There are a large number of viewsites around the suburbs of Cape Town. One of the most spectacular is the top of Ou Kaapse Weg, in the Silvermine Nature Reserve. It has views towards Table Mountain, across the Cape Peninsula to the Boland mountains, and to False Bay.

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